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Gallery «Marijan» posses 41 piece of copper made sculptures originally called «Ibrik» from famous Bosnian Gipsy naive artist Rifet Bajramovic. Rifet is still alive, living in modest small house in small city named Kakanj, near Sarajevo , where he still creates masterpieces. He is forgotten by the Bosnian naive art scene and Gallery «Marijan», following Marijan's friendship with the artist, will continue to promote this unique artist. Rifet is creating his statues and «Ibrik's» with his hands, open fire and self-invented tools, without any sketches, all from his mind.

About Rifet Bajramovic
Rifet, self-thought naive gipsy sculptor, born on 5th of May 1953, in Bosnia. His sculptures and relief's, made from copper, circled international galleries and are highly appraised among art critics and collectors. He is a member of Italian Academy of Art and Crafts and owner of many awards.

How he started....
His first idea of work dates in his late childhood, in the village called Bare, next to the small city called Kakanj, next to Sarajevo . He started his idea by collecting metal and copper scrap, inventing the tools for shaping the softened metal. He always used open fire and his hands to realize his ideas.

After first statues called «Ibrik's» he is going to Sarajevo where he is trying to sell his pieces on the street. Since he was young and not skilled in presenting his work, he didn't have much success on Sarajevo's market. After a conversation with his brother he traveled to Dubrovnik, where he made the same move: presenting his work on the market. After some time and with statues which were not selling at all, unnamed taxi driver suggested him to visit Marijan Kockovic, at his atelier «Marijan». After his arrival to the property he is meeting Marijan, who was working with another marble statue, covered with stone dust and pretending he is Marijan's assistant. Marijan was very careful since 21 years old Rifet brought something that was too unique and made with such precission that some academician would be very skeptical as well.

Marijan is buying all of the statues Rifet brought and also makes another order: several more pieces in one month.....but this time condition is that Marijan comes to Bosnia to visit his birthplace and see him in work. Rifet worked hard for that order and he succeeded to create everything in time. This time his sculptures had more details and were made with more precision. Marijan was thrilled with everything: conditions which surrounded Rifet, tools that he invented, time that he needed to create sculptures and at last, everything was created without any sketches, mold or school. Rifet never finished his high school.

Marijan started to organize exhibitions for Rifet and he had several exhibitions where he sold entire exhibition in few days. Marijan bought around 50 sculptures from Rifet, which are exhibited in Gallery «Marijan» in Dubrovnik.

For more then 10 years two artists built their friendship and mutual support by exhibiting all over the world. The mystery remains why they stopped calling each other in early 80's....but the fact is that Rifet is still alive, working and living in his small house in Kakanj, recalling his friendship with Marijan and waiting for the organizer of his next exhibition.

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